Saturday, July 21, 2012

M2B =) days 804 - 811.  Sunday, April 29th - Sunday, May 6th happiness:  

Sunday, April 29th happiness:  Studying Spanish on the bed with Joe.  It's not really the studying I enjoy, it is the hanging out with Joe part.  Good times.

Monday, April 30th happiness:  Family home evening activity:  5 crowns. 

Tuesday, May 1st happiness:  Music!  In case you didn't know, I LOVE it.  My current favorite song that I could hear 50 times in a day and still not get sick of:  Somebody That I Used To Know .  I may have listened to it a lot today.  A LOT.

Wednesday, May 2nd happiness:  Today I heard a song on the radio that I have never heard before, (or since - on the radio anyway).  I liked it so much that I wrote down the lyrics so I could run home and look it up on the internet to see who sings it.  It was called "Watching you watch him".  It was a catchy little tune and I loved it.  Music makes me happy.

Thursday, May 3rd happiness:  

Friday, May 4th happiness:  Brian took Joe to the cabin tonight so I could have some MUCH needed scrapbook time.   I scrapbooked the night away!

Saturday, May 5th happiness:  Got much scrapbooking done today.  Sat at the table and worked all day long.  So much accomplished, but so much more to do.  

Sunday, May 6th happiness:  More scrapbooking!  Tonight I took a break to go to FHE at my mom's house.  I got to see this face:

And this one:
Evan was super happy about his ginormous marshmallow.

I love FHE and I love Sheri for bringing her chocolate chip cookies.  Chocolate chip cookies ARE happiness.

Happy Day!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

M2B =) days 797 - 803.  Sunday, April 22nd - Saturday, April 28th happiness:

Sunday, April 22nd happiness:  Steak for dinner.  The only thing better than steak for dinner is not having to cook it.  Brian made me dinner and he made me steak.  I heart Brian.

Monday, April 23rd happiness:  The clouds were a nice surprise this afternoon.  Surprise: clouds make me happy.  Shocking.  I know.

Tuesday, April 24th happiness:  We took the girls to Bahama Bucks for mutual tonight.  Yum.  While we were there, we noticed that they sell snowballs.  FOR REALS.  Of course, we had to buy some.  Then we went back to the church and tricked the beehives and mia maids into coming outside and we proceeded to ambush them with snowballs.  It was awesome.

Wednesday, April 25th happiness:  Clouds.  Yes, again with the clouds.  What do you want from me?  I am like 2 months behind on this thing and the only note I wrote down for this day was clouds.  So, that is all.

Thursday, April 26th happiness:  The only thing better than clouds in Arizona?  RAIN!  Woo hoo for rain today.  It has been SOOOO long.  Today was a happy day.

Friday, April 27th happiness:  The same thing that makes me happy every Friday - 3:45!  It really is the happiest time of the week.  

Saturday, April 28th happiness:  I got much scrapbooking done today thanks to Brian.  He ran all my errands.  He went to Michaels and Costco and did the grocery shopping.  And he made lunch AND dinner.  He also dropped of Joseph for his hike.
Joe is thrilled for his hike today.  Can you tell?

Thanks to Brian, all I had to do was work on my scrapbooks.  He is awesome.

Happy Day!

Monday, July 2, 2012

james.......and other stuff

M2B =) days 790 - 796.  Sunday, April 15th - Saturday, April 21st happiness.

Sunday, April 15th happiness:  Every so often our ward does something called BYD - Bishop Youth Discussion.  All of the Young Women and Young Men meet together and Bishop teaches a lesson and leads a discussion.  I love our Bishop.  He is awesome.  He gave such a good lesson today.  It was about Butter and Honey and Briars and Thorns.  Learning to choose only the butter and honey, or the good things in life.  It would take up too much room to go into detail, but it left such an impression on me that I will never forget it.  I am glad that Joe was there to hear it too.  I hope he got as much out of it as I did.

Monday, April 16th happiness:  james concert tonight!  I was soooooo tired and didn't really feel like going, but I knew this was probably a once in a lifetime chance to see them.  I am SO glad I went.  We went with Sheri and Ian and had such a fantastic time.

Tim was sick and I don't think he was feeling it much at first, but the crowd was so awesome, that I think we soon put him in a good mood because he TOTALLY got into it and was loving it.  He even came down into the crowd and walked around and danced with us as he sang.

It was such a small venue that it was so awesome to have that up close experience.  For sure and by far one of the best concerts I have ever been too.  

There is something about music that just lifts my spirits like nothing else.

 I was soooo tired at work that next day, but it was totally worth it.

Tuesday, April 17th happiness:  The nap I took after work today.

Wednesday, April 18th happiness:  Today was AIMS testing at our school.  Once the test starts, the kids are not to get up out of their seats for ANY reason, until all of the tests are turned in.  Also, before the test started, Mrs. J handed out a peppermint for the kids to suck on during the test.  I guess peppermint is supposed to help stimulate brain function?

We weren't even one minute into testing when I notice a girl in the back row is freaking out.  She has swallowed her mint and it is stuck in her throat.  She is quietly raising her hand because she thinks she is choking and is sure she is not allowed to get out of her seat.  We get her water, all is well.

Then, this afternoon, Mrs. J hands out the mints again.  Not one minute in, a boy is freaking out because he too, has swallowed the mint and it is stuck in his throat.  He is not so quiet about it though, and has the attention of the whole class.  We get him water and he gulps it down so fast, that it starts coming back up.  So, he runs to the garbage can and throws up the water and the mint.  Another boy across the room starts yelling, "he is barfing.  Oh my gosh, I can see him barfing!"  As he is yelling this, HIS mint shoots out of his mouth and across the room.

Needless to say, there will be no more mints during AIMS testing.  It is just too much for the kids.

I found it all to be quite hilarious.

Thursday, April 19th happiness:  I felt so good and had so much energy this afternoon.  It was awesome.  It is the first day in a while that I didn't come home and just crash.  I went grocery shopping!  Woo hoo!

Friday, April 20th happiness:  It has gotten way too warm, way too soon.  So, this afternoon/evening, Brian, Joe and I turned the air down and pretended it was still winter time.

Joe even busted out the slanket, it was so cold.  Loved it!

Saturday, April 21st happiness:  Sheri and I went to see a movie.  Any day that I get to hang out with my sister is a happy day!

Happy Day!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

M2B =) days 786 - 789.  Wednesday, April 11th - Saturday, April 14th happiness:

Wednesday, April 11th happiness:  Amy was in town for a quick trip, so, of course we had to get together.  I knew that Elise happened to be in town too, so we all planned to meet up at Elmer's for dinner.  She contacted Janice and it was like a mini high school reunion.  Awesome.  I only wish I knew how to get a hold of Charlotte.  It would have been awesome to have her there too.

Elmer's for dinner with some of your favorite people.....not a bad way to spend an evening.

Thursday, April 12th happiness:  Tonight was Cody and Ciji's wedding and reception.  I won't lie.  Today was a looong day at school.  All I wanted to do was come home and sit on the couch.  Plus, I am not a super social person, and I had just gone out the night before, so 2 nights in a row is a lot for me.

Anyway, of course we went, but I may have been in a bad mood.  Well, that quickly went away.  It turned out to be so much fun.  The wedding was beautiful, and the company was great.  Aaron and his wife Kari were there.  Yay!  I finally got to meet her.  Also, Cody and Chelsea Pace were there.  2 faces I haven't seen in a while.  So we all hung out together and it was so much fun.

Later, Darrel and Trina showed up with their kiddos.  I loved it.

When it was time to do the garter belt, Ciji was wearing striped tights and ruby red slippers under her dress, just like the wicked witch of the west.  Awesome.

The wedding singer was also super entertaining.  She was awesome.  It turned out to be such a fun night.  I am glad I went.

Friday, April 13th happiness:  3:45 on Friday favorite time of the week.  

Tonight Brian downloaded some music for me.  In case you didn't know, music is my favorite.  We have tickets to see james in concert on Monday.  james has been one of my favorite bands since the 80's, and I have never got to see them in concert.  So, to prepare for the concert, we downloaded their newest album.  

Then, Brian also downloaded Strip-mine for me.  It is one of my favorite albums by james.  I have owned it several times over the years, but for whatever reason, I keep loosing it.  So, he bought it for me again.  Woo hoo!
 Music always makes me happy.  Well, good music, always makes me happy.

 Saturday, April 14th:  Today was a good productive day.  The weather was gorgeous this morning, so I spent some time outside doing yard work.  Then, I worked on my scrapbooks for most of the afternoon.  I listened to my new james cd's the whole time.  I got much done.

Also, this has nothing to do with what I did today, but it was the only photo I took today and I couldn't resist.  Love you Brian!
Happy Day!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Easter Sunday

M2B =) days 783 - 785.  Sunday, April 8th - Tuesday, April 10th happiness:

Sunday, April 8th:  Easter Sunday.  We always spend Easter Saturday with my family and Easter Sunday with Brian's.

After church we headed out to hang with the family.  I don't know why, but I never seem to take as many photos when I am there.  Perhaps because when we are with my family, there are SO many of us, that I can be a bit inconspicuous taking tons of photos.  When the gathering is smaller, like with Brian's family, people tend to notice the girl with the camera.

Anyway, I did get a couple.  Here are Joe and D playing video games.  D is laughing at Joe because he is not good.  He never plays.

Later, D showed us how to make flowers from paper.  His turned out great.  Mine, not so much.  It was still fun though.

Joe wasn't happy with his, but I thought it was awesome.

 The finished projects.  I won't tell you which one is mine.

It was a fun afternoon of hanging out, eating (of course) and just relaxing with family.

Monday, April 9th happiness:  Tonight Brian, Joe and I went with Mom and Dad to try out the new Rudy's bbq.  It was a lot of fun.  I have to say, I did NOT enjoy their pulled pork sandwich, although Joe loved it.  I did think the brisket was pretty fantastic though.  It was fun hanging out with Mom and Dad.  Good times.

Tuesday, April 10th happiness:  Tonight at mutual we made home made candy suckers to take to some of the girls who don't always make it.  The girls are so much fun.  I love it.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Easter Saturday

M2B =) day 782.  Saturday, April 8th happiness:

The Easter Bunny has always come to our house on Saturday.  And today he did not dissappoint.....

You are never to old for an easter basket. =)

And yes, the bunny did hide eggs for Joe and he did have to find them.  Traditions.  He didn't mind though.  Since Joe gave up sugar this year, all of the eggs were filled with money instead of candy.

Afterwards, we headed to my mom's for the Saturday Easter picnic and egg hunt for the kids.  

I LOVE this photo of Brian and Joe.  Brian will probably be mad, but he just looks so tired, it is hilarious to me.  Love you Brian.  And I love Joe making his face in the background.

The cousins all had fun hanging out together.

We had an egg hunt, of course.

I LOVE how excited Evan is in this photo.

I think Max may have found the most eggs.

Grandpa was Ruby's helper.

A $5.00 egg was hidden in the back yard for the older boys to look for.

It was hidden hard.  Joe even got up on the fence to look in the tops of the trees.

Dallin was the lucky winner.  It was actually hidden in the drain on the back porch.  The egg was soaked, as was the $5.00, but he was confident it would dry out.

 Jared Ammon joined us today.  It is always a good day when he comes by for a visit.  I wish we could see him more often.
All in all, it was a HAPPY DAY!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Good Friday - Man I am behind!

M2B =) day 781.  Friday, April 6th happiness:

As per tradition, we colored Easter Eggs on Good Friday.  I won't lie.  I was not in the mood this year.  I have been so busy, so tired and so grouchy, and was not looking forward to one more thing to do.  

And, as usual, I am glad I went.  I love hanging out with my family - especially the kiddos.  It is hard to fell stressed or tired when you are around energetic happy kids.  

We had a great time.

 Even the older kids got in on the fun, although I think Xander was more interested in eating the eggs, than actually dying them.
 Joe was in skateboard mode.  He spent most of his time on the board.

I loved how Rowan decorated his egg.  He completely covered it in stickers.  It took him a long time, but he was so happy with it when he was done. 
 I loved how purple-y Ben's egg turned out.

 Later, Joshua asked me to play Where The Wild Things Are board game with him (even though I didn't manage to get a photo of him???).  Some of the other kids joined us.  
 Guess who won?
 I looked around at one point and realized that I was the only adult in the room entertaining ALL of the kids.  When I went searching for the others, guess where they were?  

I always seem to end up hanging out with the kids anyway.  I guess I am more on their level. =)  Who wants to be a grown up anyway?

Happy Day!